What is Bulk SMS?

Bulk SMS is the term used to describe the act of sending a text message to numerous recipients at once from the web. SMSDEY.COM is the bulk SMS platform that enables you to reach your target group – customers, partners, members, staff, relations, friends, contractors, vendors, and the general public with a customized sender ID. The Service can cater to your clients/customers’ needs in areas as diverse as marketing campaigns, special seasonal greetings, promotional activities, political campaigns/awareness, etc.

How can I use SMSDEY BULK SMS Service?

You must be registered before you can access the service. Your login details to the platform would be used to access this service.

How do I register?

Click the “Sign up” button at the top of the Page. SMSDEY registration is free and very brief. Please note that all fields must be completed to register.
You will need to provide the following information:

  • Username
  • Email
  • Phone No.
  • Password

After registration, you’ll have access to the member area, where you can Compose SMS messages, Buy Credit, Manage your phonebook, View Message Log and customise & edit your account information.

How do I Login?

Click the login sign at the top of the page.
Enter your username and password, these are both case sensitive. Then Click login to access your Home Page.

How Do I Send Bulk SMS?

Sending bulk SMS messages on SMSDEY is very easy.
Login to your account. Under Messaging, select the type of SMS you wish to compose.You will see fields for Sender ID, Add Recipient and Type Massage. Enter your Sender ID, then type the phone numbers you wish to send your message to and then type your message and click Preview & Send. We encourage our users to send test messages to a few phones before sending in bulk.

What is the Difference between Compose SMS and Personalise SMS?

Personalise SMS provides you with the functionality to add fields such as "Title","First Name","Last Name" or "Email" to outgoing messages. You can only send personalised SMS to contacts either stored on the phone book or uploaded from an excel file.

What is the Sender ID?

The Sender ID is the customised name the recipient sees when they receive their message. This is alphanumeric and can be a maximum of 11 characters.

How much do SMS Credits cost?

We offer competitive prices with excellent connectivity. Our SMS credits are priced at wholesale prices with a sliding scale for bulk purchases. The higher the quantity you buy, the cheaper the price becomes. Click Here  to get our Price List.

How Do I Buy SMS Credit?

Login to your account. Click Buy SMS Credit under the Messaging heading.
We accept online payment using MasterCard, Visa and Verve.You can also Pay via Direct Bank Deposit.Click on the Payment tab for more information.

How do I know my SMS Credit Balance?

Login to your account, you should see your Credit balance displayed at the top of the screen.

How long does it take to deliver messages?

Typically, messages are delivered within 15 seconds, but usually even faster. The best is to test it for yourself.

Will the system allow 5000 or more simultaneous messages?

Yes, SMSDEY can handle over and above that amount of messages per day at a time.

Can I use more than 160 Characters in one message?

Yes, you can send messages up 320 characters in length. Messages longer than 160 characters will be charged at 2 SMS Units.

Are there any other costs involved in sending Bulk SMS?

There are no setup fees or monthly fees.
We operate on a prepay basis. The credits that you buy will not expire until you use them. However, SMSDEY users are charged 3 SMS credits per recipient if the SMS Feedback option is selected before broadcast.

Do you support 2-way SMS?

Yes, recipients of messages that you sent via our system can reply to your messages using the SMS Feedback feature.
The Reply messages will be posted in your Feedback Log.

What is SMS Feedback?

This is a premium feature that allows your customers or clients to interact directly with you via a shortcode number system. Say you’re marketing a product/service and need immediate show of interest or personal information from customers, you can include a special Keyword in the original message, which customers can then send to a Short Code with the relevant information or feedback.

How do I find my Feedback Log?

The Feedback log is located on your Account Home Page, under the Messaging heading.

How do I Send a Message with SMS Feedback?

Compose your message as described above, and tick the box labeled Need SMS Feedback, just above the Preview & Send Button.
This opens a Feedback details section, which allows you to customise your Feedback message.
Select a Short Code, and tick either New Feedback Message or Select from existing Feedback Message.
After creating/selecting your Keyword, enter your Response Message and click Preview & Send.

What is the Response Message?

This is the reply message the recipient/customer receives after sending the specified Keyword.

Can I store Contacts to my Account?

We have incorporated a phonebook, which can be used to create contact "Groups" and to upload from an Excel file.
To access the phonebook, Login to your account and select Manage Phonebook under the Messaging heading.

What is the Phonebook?

The phonebook provides the facility to store mobile numbers. Users can add, edit, delete, upload or export mobile numbers saved in any of their created groups.

How do I add & manage Contacts?

Open Phonebook by selecting Manage Phonebook on the right-hand-side of the screen, under the Messaging heading.

To create a new Group :

  1. Select the "New Group" Tab.
  2. Enter the name of the group in the field provided.
  3. Click the Create Group

To view Phonebook and edit/delete individual contact Entries

  1. Select the "View Phonebook" Tab.
  2. Search for the contact you wish to edit/delete.
  3. You can search either by contact first name, group name or phone number
  4. Edit/Delete individually or tick a selection for batch delete or Export.

Add new contacts to a Group.

  1. Select the "Add numbers to group" Tab.
  2. Select the group you wish to add contacts to.
  3. Fill in your desired fields and click the Save button

To Upload Contacts from File.

  1. Select the "Upload from file" Tab.
  2. Download the sample excel file provided.
  3. Follow the example provided to fill in your excel file.
  4. Do not edit or change any of the heading information on the first row.
  5. Click "Choose File" and select your edited excel file
  6. Select the group you wish to upload contacts to & hit the "upload button".

How do I know if my messages have been sent?

Login and select Message Log under the messaging heading. There, you can view the delivery status of your sent messages.

Can I view my Transaction History?

Yes, After Logging in, Select Transaction History under the My Account Heading.

How do I change my Password or Account Details?

Login and select either Account Details or Change Password Under the My Account Heading.

How do I Contact you for more Enquiries?

For any other queries or requests please contact us at support@smsdey.com or call 07030940498 (Mon-Friday : 8am - 5pm)


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2-way sms via shortcode now live!

We provide you with additional feature that enables you broadcast sms campaigns and receive feedback instantly. Short codes and set of analytic tools would help you manage and measure your campaign effectiveness.


Delivery speed is excellent and reliable bulk sms service provider with connection to local and international operators”

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